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Usually a website needs a host server. Think in this server as a computer connected to the cloud. But it is not always  true. Under certain conditions a  website may work serverless. Rather than a computer you may have something like a pendrive connected to the cloud which is much cheaper to maintain.

Although it may have other functionalities a website is mainly a piece of communication. So the first use is to communicate whatever you want to the world, literally.

The very existence of a website is communication per se. When you create it you are telling to your public that you are concerned with them, that you have respect for them, and that you want to provide information about yourself, or about your business, as accurate as possible.

Nowadays one feature indispensable for any website is to integrate tools of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In the same way that what appears on the browser must be readable for the people, there are parts of the code that must be readable for the search engines machines (i.e. Google). This feature will help your public to find you and is default in all our projects.

As the mobile accesses to the web are greatly increasing, another must-have feature for any website is the responsiveness or the ability to show itself properly in a wide range of screen sizes. This feature is also present in every web site released by Netbistrot.

Furthermore not every website is just for communication in one direction. It may be a forum where people are interacting all the time, may be an e-commerce where goodies must be shown and people may choose not only products but the most convenient shipping and payment methods. In this case your website must be able to communicate also with others companies systems like credit cards and couriers. If the prices are shown in more than one currency you may want also a real time conversion system. We are able to perform this kind of integration with any auxiliary system that may be necessary.

Another aspect to consider is that a website needs a few companies to work. Do you need a name (e.g. So you need to register it through the company number 1. Do you need a hosting service? For this you have the company number 2 that may be or may be not the same as the number 1. Do you need a security certificate? You need to buy it on an yearly basis from the company number 3. Do you need a program (actually a lot of programs) to show beautifully your company? This is with the company number 4.

So in a regular morning you notice that your website is not working. You see an error message in the browser. Probably you will call the company number 4 but the problem may be in any of the four. 

To solve this mess at the NetBistro we offer a full integrated service. We will manage all the issues and take the responsibility for it. We also include system maintenace on a regular basis. So if anything goes wrong (most likely we will notice before you) you have just one company to call.

If you have any doubt about the web deployment just make a contact. We will be happy to help you choose the features that best fit in your project.


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