Meet the Brave Browser

The Brave browser helps to keep your privacy and security.

It has a lot of feature but the special ones are the ad-blocking and the script blocking. Give it a try open a page that annoy you with lots of advertising in your regular browser then open the same page in Brave and you will notice the diffrenece. Besides it blocks scripts that come from another sites what prevent thats sites to know you and your habits.

Beware the Skype

Yesterday I was creating a new page for the NetBistrot website. After finish the writing, and keeping it unpublished (available only to administrators), I sent the link for my partner through Skype. 

Before my partner had had time to verify the link I noticed an "Access Denied" to this same link. Intriguing, no? I checked the IP that was trying to access an unpublished content. It was:

Let's Encrypt ?

Everybody who runs a website should concern about the security of their users.

Despite other measures, the installation of a security certificate, to provide encrypted communication between users and servers, is a must have. Without this all the information runs open through the net and may be intercepted by anyone with minimal tech skills.