Social Media Management

You may like them or not, but social networks are here to stay. And they are a legitimate media for advertise your services or products.

Nevertheless to make a good use of these midias there is a learning curve that leads towards a very complex environment.

As a simple example, when you upload an image to the facebook cover this picture will be the same for all devices but it will be shown at different aspect ratios in each one of them. So if some important information is on the extreme side of the picture and it looks good on a computer screen it is quite certain that it will not fit well on a mobile.

A step beyond and you find yourself trying to decide among a huge amount of options regarding your target audience. The positive aspect is that you can tune it very finely, and the negative is that at first sight you don't have a clue about how to achieve your goal.

There is lots of variables like the most profitable time schedule to show your advertisement, daily budget, budget along the week to name only a few

And, of course, you will need to produce art for your posts and it is much better if they are in consonance with yor website design, so you can keep visual consistency regarding your web presence.

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