Great websites for small business.

What we do:

High performance websites

Pretty fast page loading

improved user experience

improved user engagement

improved SEO ranking position

Lower electrical consumption

environmental responsibility

Lower maintenance and ownership costs

Search engine optimization

improved ranking position


ensure access even on high demand

How we do it?
These are the concepts behind our work:
custom design
Your needs are not the same as others and a custom design helps improve your online presence. We create a custom web design for every project to fulfill every technical or aesthetic requirement.
custom code
Your needs are not the same as others and a custom code will solve any need that you may have.
cloud hosting
Cloud techniques are constantly evolving and we use the state of the art to host your systems.
SEO best pratices
We fulfill every requirement of the main search engines and social networks so their algorithms will easily locate your deployment and give them the best ranking.
minimal CO2 footprint
We design systems that use cloud resources only when they are needed. This means that electrical consumption is minimum.
security first
Unless strictly necessary, we do not require a login. When it is we use the latest techniques. Each base system is only accessed with two factor authentication with minimal permissions for the required task.
fast performance
We use a lot of features to make sure your system is as fast as it can be and your users will notice this. As search engines also value the speed this is of maximum importance.
As the systems we develop are serverless and uses cloud resources only when they are needed they have much more flexibility than a server based system to react to a peak of requests or to slow down when there are few users.
cloud native
We design systems that use the most recent cloud features. We replace the servers by microservices that run only when they are needed and CDN (content distribution networks) that are always available.
Our web systems are deployed in a dozen of locations around the globe to ensure that your users will receive the contents from a near CDN with the minimum delay wherever they are.
We develop APIs to meet the needs of our systems and to expand its ability through third party resources like payment systems or courrier companies.

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