2023 the year of artificial intelligence

Last year LLM (Large Language Model) systems really entered our lives and there is fierce competition at the level of large technology companies in an attempt to become either dominant or one of the most used.

Many products are being offered for free or in a freemium model (partly free and partly premium) but don't be fooled, training and maintaining these systems requires enormous amounts of processing and is therefore expensive. At some point we will all be asked to pay for what until now is free.

In conversations with people directly linked to this area we can notice, at least that is what they imagine, that in the next 5 years these systems will carry out a social revolution compared to what was the introduction of the press or the industrial revolution.

We don't know exactly how to prepare for this, but certainly a first option is to invest some time to try to find out which services are most related to our occupation area and take the opportunity to test them while they still have a free part. Being familiar with these systems can represent a competitive advantage in the medium term.

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